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Hi, I'm Laura Hames Franklin and in the years I've been practicing & studying the Laws of the Universe, Physics of the Body and the Science of Health, I've discovered the KEY Secret to living in alignment and living your purpose that most people are missing.

Your BODY is the key to receiving everything you want in life.

If your body is feeling off kilter, fatigued, drained, mis-aligned, tense or frustrated, everything you set your mind to will come out looking the same. 
When you're in alignment and on purpose, you FEEL it. And that feeling literally causes the flow of energy, electricity and magnetism to radiate which effortlessly attracts everything you want. 
But where most people fall flat, is you can't fake it. Because it's a physical structure.
Your spine is the central support structure from which your ribs, organs, arms, head and brain are suspended.

If your spine is mis-aligned physically, that will affect all of the structures it affects. If your organs are squished or your neck is crunched, you will feel like you can only function at half capacity. Not only that, but your brain and spinal cord run through the vertebral canal and any imbalances impede the blood flow, nerves and lymph meaning that you feel fatigued, foggy mind and restricted.

 A feeling of restriction in your body creates a feeling of restriction in your life.

The ONLY way to truly restore balance to your spine, and find true inner freedom is to clearly understand how the body actually works.

This does not mean going to a practitioner who is going to manipulate you back into place, but instead to connect to your body's wisdom, use the power of imagery and understanding of function so it's restored from the inside out.

 What's even more exciting is that when your spine is aligned, it acts like a clear receiver for your purpose.
It's like an antenna that is being cleaned so you can transmit and receive a clear healthy signal. You are literally communicating with "The Universe" through your feeling and through your physical structure.

 It's like a lock and key. The geometry of your body, the way it moves and lives, IS your communication device to the Universe.   

In this 4 hour highly interactive workshop, we’ll be exploring and embodying the spine. After you've experienced this Workshop, you'll be feeling clear, focused, and clear on your purpose AND your body will feel amazing. You'll feel taller and slimmer.
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"That was an amazing workshop! I feel so calm and at peace. The more I move and dive into embodiment, the more I become aware of the infinite beauty of my own body. I'm literally falling in looove with my body and with myself!!"
-Anna LaRoche
Of all the books I've read, meditations I've sat through, teachers I've listened to, journals I've written in, and healers I've been touched by, no one has helped me feel more than Laura. The web of body and galaxy and cells is unlike anything I've ever experienced. She helped me awaken my cells and my body, and feel the difference between "getting by" and truly LIVING - Michelle Kabler
Note: Once you join the workshop, live in person, online or via the recording, you will get lifetime access to the workshop recording so you can re-experience the magic again and again. All workshop tickets are non-refundable. 
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